New students are welcome at anytime. The first class is free so just bring some loose comfortable clothing and some water.

About the club

The club was opened in 2009 by our instructor Grahame Tinsley. He is a 5th degree black belt with over 30 years of experience and he has trained at several centres with various senior instructors. Since 2001 he has trained with Sifu Steve Leppard at the Kings College/Central London club.

Grahame Tinsley teaches his students with the same focus and commitment which he has been and continues to be taught, and believes in developing students into well rounded martial artists and individuals. He ensures all students get the best from themselves, both physically and mentally and passes on all the benefits that Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan has to offer. He believes size is irrelevant in martial arts and as such strives to ensure all students develop their technical understanding. Practical application is also vital and therefore self defence is an important component of classes. He adopts a balance of traditional and modern teaching and training techniques to ensure students benefit from a variety of approaches, yet always in a safe, rewarding and fun environment.

Classes – Wednesday’s, 8-10pm / Saturday’s, 9-11am

Amenities Building, Isambard Complex

Cost – During the pandemic, classes are free. Students just need to cover the cost of membership and gradings.

Address – Social and Amenities building, 1st floor, Isambard Complex, Brunel University (see map below)

Email –

Facebook – Brunelkungfu


System dates for 2020

Gradings – 17th October

Grading Location

Via Zoom